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Randi Spiker

Doctoral Candidate, Psychology


I am a PhD candidate in Developmental Science with an emphasis in Applied Social and Cultural Psychology at Florida International University.  I received my M.S. in Psychology in 2022 from FIU , and my B.S. (Honors) in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University in 2020.

Studying with Dr. Asia Eaton in the Power, Women and Relationships lab at FIU, my research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to examine gender- and sexual-based violence in the United States through the lenses of Feminist theory. My primary area of expertise encompasses the impact of sociocultural roles and norms on the development of attitudes about, and perpetuation of, image-based sexual abuse. My secondary research line examines the impacts of legislation and policy on vulnerable populations, including children, LGBTQ+ identifying adults, and people of reproductive age. 


Beyond research, I am a passionate advocate for human rights and creating positive top-down change in our society. And as a First Gen college student and alumnus of the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program myself, I firmly believe in the power of great mentoring to change lives from the bottom up as well. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or opportunities, I look forward to speaking with you!

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